NEO Price Prediction December 2018 [Updated]: Neo Price To Touch $200 by 2019 End!

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NEO has been initially designed to digitize the numerous assets and to assure that the transactions in these assets are done with the guidance of smart contracts. It is striving to build a smart economy. NEO Name Service (NNS), which is a domain name service for wallet addresses on the NEO blockchain, has issued instructions for NNC token holders to maintain CGAS dividends using a Ledger hardware wallet. NNS has lately transitioned to a manual claiming system due to certain concerns that its CGAS airdrop to all NNC holders was letting congestion on the NEO blockchain.

What is Neo?

NEO Coin came to life back in 2014 and was created by Da Hongfei under the name of Antshares. After a while, the coin altered its name to NEO, and also enhanced its smart contracts to a much more excellent quality. The team behind NEO was successful in building the coin into a fully-functional smart economy which would combine digital assets, smart contracts, digital connections, and much more. This smart economy would be working as a P2P network, with no need for a middleman in any form of transactions. Since its invention, NEO has assembled an excellent team, exceptional technology, many unique features, and has become pretty developer-friendly. Its community of developers has grown a lot over the years, and the coin has followers around the globe. While NEO does have its own loving community, it would seem that the majority of investors are not conscious of NEO coin true potential. Because of this, the investors are abstaining out on a great opportunity, while NEO’s way to greatness receives even more barriers than the crypto would usually have to face.

Market prediction for NEO price

NEO, because of its vast potential, makes a good option for long-term investment than most other cryptos, and NEO price predictions can be quite tricky. Although it is also facing some headwinds, this year could be very positive for NEO. Let’s get a look of the future of NEO by looking out the forecasts given by the crypto traders or publications:

#1 Being Crypto

Being Crypto foretells that NEO may reach $120 by 2019 end, 200 USD by 2020 and in five years might go up as much as $450. Their confidence in the forecast shows that NEO has the potential to exceed other coins by their developments.

#2 Smartereum

Smartereum gives a 5-year projection wherein they have said that the five-year forecast is approximately $ 1275, which looks like on an average NEO might grow by 1.5X on an average every year.

#3 Long Forecast

As per Long Forecast forecast, they believe that the value of NEO might depreciate in 2019 and may fall to approximately $9. But, 2020 holds positive, and they predicted that NEO might reach as high as $21 by the close of 2020.

#4 Crypto Ground

According to Crypto Ground, NEO might go up to $195.352 in 5 years, which will be an increase of around 40X, X being the current price.

#5 Coin Fan

CoinFan believes that by 2019, NEO might hit $200 at the maximum and by 2020, it might go up as much as $783. This looks like an optimistic bullish prediction by Coin Fan.

NEO: The New Crypto Kid on the Block

In 2017, there were 700 different cryptos and the number more than doubled in 2018. Nevertheless, in the top-heavy crypto index, a preferred dozen odd cryptos have been capable of rising the pecking order to secure a position among the ranking players. Although each crypto represents a product, technology, or platform, not all cryptos have been able to demonstrate the traction that sustains the viability of their concept. However, China’s biggest cryptocurrency NEO is one of the few that is indicating its arrival. Started as Antshares in 2014 and rebranded as NEO in 2017, this crypto is developing a smart economy that intends to ensure that ownership of assets is more transparent, can be tested, and is universally connected.

NEO price prediction

The futuristic concerns fundamentally drive NEO’s developers, as they are focused on securing NEO the foundation for an administration of the future. They are very proactive in reaching their aims as they’ve even left the conventional proof-of-work and proof-of-stake validation algorithms for a designated Byzantine fault tolerance algorithm, that is optimized to decrease the vulnerability of the network to bad actors while developing its scalability regarding transaction speed. These developments make NEO one of the most sought-after cryptos. According to NEO price forecast of 2019, it might plunge upwards to reach the $200 mark by the conclusion of 2019.

NEO price prediction in 5 years

Acknowledging the scalability of the program and its potential, it is a good chance for investors to finance in this crypto. Even because it is also starting to garner the concentration of the institutional investors, the potential is sure to grow more and more. By 2023, NEO is going to be one of the most extensively used cryptos and might reach as high as $437 by the conclusion of 2023. As per NEO price forecast 2025, NEO might reach $650, which will become one of the most vital stepping stone for NEO.

Final Thoughts

Considering the scalability of the program and the benefits, it is an excellent opportunity for the investors to finance in this crypto at present. Also, because it is also starting to garner the attention of the institutional investors, the potential is sure to rise. If you’re looking to invest for five years, then now might be the right time to invest in this cryptocurrency. It provides you with an excellent diversification opportunity as well. It can present you with significant returns in the next couple of years.

Disclaimer: This feature should not be exercised as, and is not designed to provide, investment advice. Coinpriceprediction and its affiliates, employees, and writers give the information about the coin with careful analysis. Please conduct your thorough study before funding in any crypto.


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NEO Price Prediction: NEO to go up to $200.235! NEO to USD Forecast 2018

What is NEO (NEO)?

NEO is the first decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform launched in China. It allows people to own digital assets and earn dividends from these assets much like the real world stocks where the company pays dividends to the owners. The coin was previously known as Antshares with the assets being called Antshares (ANS) as well while the dividends are called Antcoins (ANC).

NEO (NEO): History

The main community members include Da Hongfei, co-founder, and core developer – Zhang Zhengwen, Secretary General – Tao Rongqi, and other community developers, operators, and contributors. NEO was launched in 2014 and is the first open source blockchain in China. The project was originally named as Antshares, and it was rebranded to NEO in June 2017.

The Neo Project was backed by two crowdsales. The first crowdsale took place in October 2015 lasting for 10 days during which 17.5 million NEO tokens were sold for $550,000. In the second crowdsale, the remaining 22.5 million NEO tokens were sold for $4.5 million.


How Does NEO (NEO) Work?

NEO is similar to Ethereum; it is much more than a simple cryptocurrency. It is almost an ecosystem by itself where people can exchange digital assets like Bitcoin or real-world assets freely and directly without the need of any third party. It enables users to convert digital assets and convert them into digital assets. It allows the users to do smart transactions by using Smart Contracts 2.0, a concept popularised by Ethereum. NEO coins are the currency of the network and are used to own the share of a blockchain. It is also used to earn dividends for owning the blockchain.

How to Buy NEO (NEO)?

First of all, create an NEO (NEO) wallet for storing your coins safely. Then set a password for the wallet so that nobody can access the wallet. If you forget the password, then you lose the access to your coins. After that buy Ethereum as we are unable to buy NEO directly. Then exchange it for NEO (NEO).

NEO (NEO) Price Prediction 2018

NEO can be a profitable investment option. NEO price equal to 114.408 USD at 2018-02-07. If you buy NEO for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 0.874 NEO. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2023-02-02 is 1231.594 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +976.5%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $1076.5 in 2022. NEO (NEO) price today is $114.42 and have the current supply of 65,000,000 NEO. The market cap value is $7,437,170,000, and the volume is marked as $724,954,000. NEO price prediction, NEO price forecast, NEO price and news, NEO price forecast, NEO price prediction 2018, What is the price of NEO 2018.


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