XRP Price Prediction January 2019: XRP To Reach 1.20 USD In 2019

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XRP value continues to stay moderately stable amidst bloodbath in the crypto market. There have been numerous developments around XRP. Distributed ledger technology is growing all over the globe and Ripple is one of the most influential organizations in the space. The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, appears very enthusiastic about future developments in the financial industry. Ripple has an economic and banking network that reaches now more than 150 consumers all over the world which have also grown the trust of clients in financial institutions that now can process cross-border payments in a quicker, more secure and more comfortable way. The bulls may kick off from early 2019 for XRP as it looks powerful as related to other cryptos at times of volatility. The market is going under a lot of changes, and it is challenging to predict the ext values of XRP. Because of the fluctuations investors are demanding for XRP price prediction.

What is XRP?

Ripple coin price has seen phenomenal growth in the last year with a huge price rise. More and more payment providers are getting onboard based on its agreement mechanism.

Ripple protocol increases the overall integrity by verifying the account balances and transactions, which automatically blocks the spiteful entries.

As of lately, all products published include xRapid, xCurrent and xVia which grows XRP‘s position in the blockchain network.

Benefits of Ripple

Transaction rate and the cost is much lesser than other cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The uniqueness of XRP is that the coins were released all at once, which indicates all the XRPs are in circulation and hence, needs no mining.

Market Prediction for XRP

With the market being so resilient, foretelling the price of the cryptocurrencies is one of the most challenging tasks. Let’s consider the important publications and characters, and their statement concerning the Ripple price prediction, which will give us a fairer idea:

#1 Roman Guelfi XRP Price Prediction

Roman Guelfi, a respectable crypto fan, and expert, believes that 2019 is all about achieving more significant milestones for Ripple. He stated that as the market begins observing an introduction of projects, other coins might ultimately take a backseat and 2019 is the time when XRP market will divert above all.

#2 Ripple Coin News XRP Price Prediction

Ripple coin news, the second comprehensive news site by traffic, foretells that after a bed of thorns, the coming years might emerge as a horizontal period for Ripple as there will be an extension to the partnerships and new technologies, which might grow its price to 8 to 10 dollars.

#3 Investing Haven XRP Price Prediction

Investing Haven, a crypto forecast website has made an optimistic bullish forecast for 2019 as it thinks that 2019 is going to be a perfect year for Ripple. They have declared that XRP may reach as high as $20 by 2019 as it believes XRP has the greatest potential, amongst all other cryptos.

#4 UsLifted XRP Price Prediction

UsLifted, a crypto prophecy website believes that by 2020, XRP would achieve newer heights and may reach $22.79 with a current supply of 38,739,145,924 XRP.

XRP Price Prediction for 2019

XRP may open the market with the price of $ 0.78 and may reach till $1.10 till the midpoint of 2019. Next year, it may be having free trading platforms and investment routes like BTC and ETH, closing the charge to around $1.20 by the conclusion of 2019. It may give tough fights to other coins like Litecoin and Dash. XRP has already come up with Codius, which can assist the developers to write smart contracts and decentralized applications, Xpring, which allows people to fund in Ripple related startups. Cobalt is something which is supposed to be launched in 2019, which is intended at reducing the transaction time from 4 seconds to 1 second.

Ripple even thinks on sharing 2 billion tokens to the Indian economy. XRP fans also argue that if XRP had been enlisted in Coinbase during its summit, it could have passed Ethereum.

XRP Price Prediction in 5 years

As per the prediction and algorithmic review, the value of 1 Ripple (XRP) will be approximately $4.52 in 2023. Ripple is also set to associate with more European and Latin American banks which may help promote both XRP and Ripple’s payment technology. These improvements could lead, to significant price rises in the XRP token value as the forecasts stated above. So this means, the Ripple price prediction should go the positive way.

Disclaimer: This feature should not be exercised as, and is not designed to provide, investment advice. Coinpriceprediction and its affiliates, employees, and writers give the information about the coin with careful analysis. Please conduct your thorough study before funding in any crypto.

XRP Price Prediction January 2019: XRP To Reach 1.20 USD In 2019
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