Waltonchain Price Prediction: WTC Coin to go up to $976.94! September 2018 Forecast

WaltonChain is a genuine, trustworthy and traceable business ecosystem with complete data sharing and absolute information transparency

What is Waltonchain (WTC)?

Waltonchain incorporates blockchain with IOT to build a management system for supply chains. Walton coin is the main digital currency of Waltonchain, a blockchain -based solution for merging internet of things technology with physical products. The RFID universal tagging system used for the labeling of physical goods makes it highly interactable with other pre-existing supply and information tracking networks. Waltonchain is trying to make verification of authenticity a more transparent and universally accessible process.

Waltonchain (WTC): History

Waltonchain developed by a diverse team of computer science and industry professionals, and it was launched in August 2017. Funds were accumulated through an ICO process earlier that month which included mainly Chinese buyers and coins were made available for trading a few days later. Waltonchain has its beginning in China, and it has since ceased trading in that country because of the imposition of government restrictions. Now it developed a lot by interacting more with Korean exchanges, businesses, and legal representatives, and had founded partnerships with businesses in all over the world.

How Does Waltonchain (WTC) Work?

Waltonchain uses a novel ‘Proof of Stake and Trust’ mechanism to add new blocks the blockchain, which pays holders of the coin with new coins. Reward amounts are based on an algorithm involving each address ‘number of coins held and trust as determined by the system. The idea behind the Waltonchain platform was to apply RFID technology to the blockchain. By doing so, it tries to conjoin networks, brands, and companies who use the product tagging identification system developed by Charlie Walton, inventor of RFID technology. Waltonchain aspires to bring transparency to logistics and processes of authentication by integrating data from multiple systems using the same method of product tagging with a tamper-proof blockchain ledger.

How to Buy Waltonchain (WTC)?

First of all, you need to get a Waltonchain wallet to store your coins. You can select MyEtherWallet for storing your coins safe. If it is not possible to buy Waltonchain directly, you can buy it by with the help of Ethereum. Then buy Ethereum by using Coinbase. Then exchange it for Waltonchain.

Waltonchain (WTC) Price Prediction 2018

WTC can be a profitable investment option. Walton price equal to 20.253 USD at 2018-02-23. If you buy Walton for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 4.938 WTC. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2023-02-18 is 524.941 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +2491.91%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $2591.91 in 2022. Waltonchain (WTC) price today is $20.58 and have the current supply of 24,898,178 WTC. The market cap value is $512,454,300, and the volume is marked as $7,379,510. Waltonchain price prediction, Waltonchain price forecast, Waltonchain price and news, WTC price forecast, WTC price prediction 2018, What is the price of Waltonchain 2018.

Waltonchain Price Prediction: WTC Coin to go up to $976.94! September 2018 Forecast
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