Stellar Price Prediction: Stellar to go up to $0.732! XLM to USD Forecast 2018

What is Stellar (XLM)?

Stellar is a cryptocurrency created for facilitating cross-asset transfers of value including payments. This network provides real-time, peer to peer, decentralized fund transaction, especially aimed towards international transfer and micropayments. The native digital asset of Stellar is called Lumens (XLM). In other words, Stellar is the payment network, and Lumens is the cryptocurrency.

Stellar (XLM): History

Stellar is an open source protocol for value exchange founded in 2014 by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. Its board members include Keith Rabois, Patrick Collison, Matt Mullenweg, Greg Stein, Joi Ito, Sam Altman, Naval Ravikant and others. Stellar was originally based on the Ripple protocol and model. After a fork, Stellar was formed by changing a consensus code. This resulted in the Stellar Development Foundation coding a new consensus algorithm released in April 2015 and went live in 2015. To this date, there have been over 8 million Stellar Lumens delivered.

How Does Stellar (XLM) Work?

Stellar works are similar to the other cryptocurrencies. The user can start a transaction with two information such as the wallet address of the receiver and the amount to be transferred. The information is processed by the ledgers (miners) of the network who validate the transaction. Then the amount deducted from the sender’s account and added to the receiver’s account. Stellar also gives an integrated distributed exchange for inter-currency conversions. The sender can send any currency and Stellar will convert the amount to the desired currency while crediting the receiver.

How to Buy Stellar (XLM)?

First, you are required to set up a Stellar wallet to store your coins. Then give a password for the wallet. Then purchase Ethreum by using Coinbase. This currency transfers the fastest and cheapest out of anything Coinbase offers. Then trade Ethereum for Stellar.

Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction 2018

XLM can be a profitable investment option. Stellar Lumens price equal to 0.377 USD at 2018-02-07. If you buy Stellar Lumens for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 265.068 XLM. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2023-02-03 is 1.167 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +209.34%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $309.34 in 2022. Stellar (XLM) price today is $0.374957 and have the current supply of 18,432,124,640 XLM. The market cap value is $6,911,254,159, and the volume is marked as $407,362,000. Stellar price prediction, Stellar price forecast, Stellar price and news, XLM price forecast, XLM price prediction 2018, What is the price of Stellar 2018.

Stellar Price Prediction: Stellar to go up to $0.732! XLM to USD Forecast 2018
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