Neo Price Prediction 2019 – Neo Price To Touch $200!!

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Erik Zhang announced that the delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance Mechanism (dBFT) version 2.0 had been updated. NEO has decentralization roadmap lately by enabling the companies to run a consensus node in their network through a selection process, which acts as block validators on their system. Currently, there are seven consent node managed on the NEO mainnet, out of which five are regulated under the NEO Foundation itself. In 2019, NEO is thinking to replace four of its node by the candidates who have passed the screening adoption process and have done a six-month testnet experiment. This intimates that in 2019, NEO mainnet will be operated by a separate entity, showing its decentralized nature. Even, the NEO DevCon is going to be held in 2019 in Seattle, US, which will cover the intention of the NEO community to understand the importance of a smart economy. The NEO 3.0 would boost smart contracts and decentralized apps(dApp), designed to serve large-scale applications.

What is NEO?

NEO is a blockchain program for the progress of digital assets and smart contracts. Smart contracts are the next big thing which can be applied to numerous real-life situations and businesses. It was rebranded from AntShares to NEO in June 2017, which shows that NEO is predominantly a new coin, which geared up like a storm to be able to tighten the spot in the top 20 cryptos in the globe. One characteristic of NEO is that it cannot be separated. So, you can’t make a shift like 0.5 NEO or 0.11 NEO. It can be considered related to the stocks of any company, which cannot be divided. But by keeping this crypto, you’ll be able to hold another crypto- GAS, which can be divided up to 0.00000001. NEO can be purchased and sold on a variety of crypto exchanges, which presents it with increased reliability in the eyes of the commoner and makes it an alternative for a large number of people looking start getting in crypto whereabouts.

Market prediction for NEO

NEO, because of its potential, makes a reliable option for long-term investment option than most other cryptos, and NEO price forecasts can be quite tricky. Although it is also suffering some headwinds, this year could be very crucial for NEO. Let’s get a look of the future of NEO by looking out the estimates given by the crypto traders or publications:

#1 Being Crypto

Being Crypto forecasts that NEO may touch $120 by 2019 end, 200 USD by 2020 and in five years may go up as much as $450. Their faith in the prediction determines that NEO has the potential to excel other coins by their developments.

#2 Smartereum

Smartereum gives a 5-year prognostication wherein they have stated that the five-year forecast is about $1275, which looks like on an average NEO mat increase by 1.5X on an aggregate every year.

#3 Long Forecast

As per Long Forecast foresight, they understand that the value of NEO may depreciate in 2019 and might decline to around $9. But, 2020 holds positive, and they prognosticated that NEO might reach as high as $21 by the close of 2020.

#4 Crypto Ground

According to Crypto Ground, NEO may go up to $195.352 in 5 years, which will be an extension of around 40X, X being the current price.

#5 Coin Fan

CoinFan believes that by 2019, NEO may hit $200 at the maximum and by 2020, it might go up as much as $783. This looks like a confident bullish prediction by Coin Fan.

NEO price prediction 2019

The futuristic concerns fundamentally drive NEO’s developers, as they are focused on making NEO the foundation for an administration of the future. They are very proactive in reaching their intentions as they’ve even abandoned the traditional proof-of-work and proof-of-stake validation algorithms for a selected Byzantine fault tolerance algorithm, that is optimized to decrease the vulnerability of the system to bad actors while improving its scalability in terms of execution speed. These developments make NEO one of the most sought-after cryptos. According to NEO price forecast of 2019, it may plunge upwards to touch the $200 mark by the close of 2019.

NEO price prediction in 5 years

Acknowledging the scalability of the platform and its potential, it is an excellent opportunity for the investors to invest in this cryptocurrency. Even because it is also starting to garner the recognition of the institutional investors, the potential is guaranteed to raise more and more. By 2023, NEO is going to be one of the most broadly used cryptocurrency and might reach as high as $437 by the end of 2023. As per NEO price forecast 2025, NEO may reach $650, which will become one of the most significant stepping stone for NEO.

Final Thoughts

Considering the scalability of the program and the benefits, it is an excellent opportunity for the investors to finance in this crypto at present. Also, because it is also starting to garner the attention of institutional investors, the potential is sure to rise. If you’re looking to invest for five years, then now might be the right time to invest in this cryptocurrency. It provides you with an excellent diversification opportunity as well. It can present you with significant returns in the next couple of years.

Disclaimer: This feature should not be exercised as, and is not designed to provide, investment advice. Coinpriceprediction and its affiliates, employees, and writers give information about the coin with careful analysis. Please conduct your thorough study before funding in any crypto.

Neo Price Prediction 2019 – Neo Price To Touch $200!!
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