Fusion Price Prediction: FSN Coin to go up to $2.122! September 2018 Forecast

FUSION is a public blockchain dedicating itself to creating an inclusive crypto financial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-data source smart contracts.

What Is Fusion (FSN)?

FUSION is looking to serve as an infrastructure for the Internet of Value with an innovative approach that will allow multiple token smart contracts, parallel computing, off chain data support, various triggering mechanisms for the quick settlement and much more. It wants to enable true interoperability between blockchains that will revolutionize the industry.

Fusion (FSN): History

Fusion is a project managed by the CEO of BitSE. BitSE is an incubation organization that produced QTUM Blockchain and VeChain blockchain; both are very successful crypto designs. FUSION is a plan led by the Dejun Qian CEO of BitSe. Dr. Jiangang Wu heads the development team, and Noam Cohen leads the communication team. The FUSION coin’s selected participants program and private pre-ICO sales have already ended successfully. A total of 13,653 ETH were contributed by more than 50 chosen individuals and 18 institutional supporters.

How Does Fusion (FSN) Work?

FUSION will connect various values by establishing a layer of control management on top of multiple tokens through a distributed management of the tokens’ private keys and by providing ports both for central organizations and for external data sources and in this way solve the critical problem of inefficiency in interoperability of the current Internet of Values. It redefines the method in which values are carried and the relationships between participants. It can support all sorts of – financial services uniquely, which makes benefits flow in a more efficient and fundamentally-changed manner.

How To Buy Fusion (FSN)?

Fusion is not available as a trading pair for fiat currency on any exchange, so your best option is to buy Bitcoin at your favorite exchange. We recommend coinbase as it is the easiest and most convenient. After that head over to the popular exchange IDEX and deposit this BTC/ETH into the exchange account. Then trade it for FSN tokens and store it in MyEtherWallet.

Fusion (FSN) Price Prediction 2018

Fusion is making its progress each day, and the investors can expect a great hike in the coming months. Fusion is trying to crack the interoperability between blockchainsBut now it is not supported by the predictors as it is compared to other popular coins, it has not shown an attractive surge in price value. As of 27-3-2018, the price of Fusion stands at $2.122. There are 27,648,200 Fusions out there and the market cap is $56,211,279. The trading volume is at $782,867.

Fusion Price Prediction: FSN Coin to go up to $2.122! September 2018 Forecast
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