EOS Price Prediction, EOS up to $17.055!

EOS enables the developers to create decentralized applications. These can be formed in the free atmosphere. Moreover, scalability can be achieved efficiently with the help of this platform. Also, it can support thousands of various commercial decentralized applications. This is the purpose why this platform is getting more and more transactions. Recently, the coin of this platform has been growing consistently as well. This is the reason why investors are enquiring about EOS price predictions for 2018.

EOS Price Prediction

EOS is assumed to emerge as one of the leading cryptos shortly. The coin came into the top 10 space within a very short while, Its ascent, according to crypto experts, is remarkable. If the development team manages to accomplish all its ambitious plans, then EOS has great chance to replace Ethereum. At this point, the coin occupies the 5th place in the Coinmarketcap rating with a capitalization of $7.2 billion, with the price of about $8. The forecast by the end of the calendar year of 2018 is approximately $ 37. Similarly, the five-year estimate is around $ 143. Thus, the total quantum of recognition which can be attained is pretty huge.

EOS Price Prediction 2018

EOS can be a profitable investment option. EOS price equal to 5.685 USD at 2018-09-29. If you buy EOS for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 17.590 EOS. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2023-09-05 is 39.164 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +586.73%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $686.73 in 2022. EOS price today is $5.685  and have the current supply of 906,245,118 EOS. The market cap value is $5,166,961,519, and the volume is marked as $742,668,468.

Will EOS Survive The Bearish Wave?

The value of EOS is currently bearish against the USD as it has been for the past few days. The support levels are at $4.0, $4.5, $5.0 and holding at $7.0, $6.5 and $6.0. The price of EOS was bearish completely last week dropping from $6.49 to $4.83 on the 5th of September. The fall in cost led EOS to trade in range against the USD and Bitcoin. The good news is that EOS started on a bullish trend this morning and there is the strong probability of an upcoming rise in price.

Block. One Launches EOSIO, Signs $50 Million JV Partnership With SVK Crypto

Block.one has declared the launch of the EOSIO blockchain software. The announcement of the open source EOSIO 1.0 was revealed through a blog post on the company’s website. EOSIO is touted as a revolutionary decentralized protocol for both business and community applications. The EOSIO launch also corresponds with the establishment of a $50 million cooperation between Block.one and SVK Crypto. EOSIO is intended to utilize either of two Web Assembly engine configurations – Binaryen and WAVM. According to Block.one, EOSIO incorporates the following design features:

  • Free Rate Limited Transactions
  • Low Latency Block confirmation (0.5 seconds)
  • Low-overhead Byzantine Fault Tolerant Finality
  • Optional high-overhead, low-latency BFT finality
  • Smart contract platform powered by Web Assembly
  • Designed for Sparse Header Light Client Validation
  • Scheduled Recurring Transactions
  • Time Delay Security
  • Hierarchical Role Based Permissions
  • Support for Biometric Hardware Secured Keys (e.g., Apple Secure Enclave)
  • Parallel Execution of Context Free Validation Logic
  • Inter Blockchain Communication

Future Prediction of EOS

As more and more corporations start using it for decentralized applications, the valuation of this platform will increase significantly. Over a more extended period, this cryptocurrency will grow in tandem with the usability of the platform. Since many of the businesses, companies, and developers are in search of such a decentralized blockchain-based platform, the future looks bright for this coin. Also, owing to the parallel accomplishment, the scalability of the platform is massive. The same developer can run various applications that are comparable to the blockchain-based platform. This, in turn, opens up possibilities for more and more decentralized applications as well.

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