Enjin Coin Price Prediction: ENJ Coin to go up to $0.172! September 2018 Forecaast

Enjin Coin is an all-in-one website platform which can help build websites, forums, voice servers, donation stores, and so much more.


Enjin coin is an output of Enjin Company, and it is based on the Ethereum technology. It is a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is meant to get the gaming community on board the world cryptocurrency world.


ENJ started its public sale from 3 October to 31 October 2017. It has a team of 8, with the preponderance of the team having worked in Enjin for a few years already. Maxim Blagov, Co-Founder & CEO who have 15 years of expertise in creative direction, project management, and UX design. Witek Radomski, Founder & CTO is the Overseen the technical engineering of Enjin for nearly a decade.


Enjin coin, broadly speaking, will be used as coin across many various online games and websites. It can be used on digital property like in-game items, for example. The users also can convert Enjin Coins into local currencies (like USD) or cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin). Enjin Coin will be a decentralized platform to manage, distribute, and trade virtual goods, giving gamers and content creators a new model of virtual ownership. It offers SDKs for multiple languages. The SDKs, along with additional wallets and payment platforms, will all be an available utterly open source. The blockchain makes it simple to check item ownership – even if that item isn’t a physical thing. Enjin will develop a wallet for mobile and PC use. The wallet will link with games and online communities you trust. It can receive transaction and subscription requests and facilitate in-game purchases.


ENJ can’t be bought directly for fiat on any exchange. The best way to purchase ENJ is to use Etherium. Check if Coinbase is available in your country and buy ETH from it. Once the user has ETH with them, can head over to Binance/ HitBTC/ Tidex/ Cryptopia and exchange it for ENJ. The best place to store the ENJ’s is the official wallet and if you are more concerned about security, then put this wallet inside a physical hard wallet.


Enjin Coin can be a valuable investment option. ENJ price equal to 0.172 USD at 2018-03-06, If you buy ENJ for 100 dollars today, you will get a sum of 580.024 ENJ. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is demanded, the price prediction of 2023-03-04 is 3.155 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +1730.02%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $1830.02 in 2022. ENJ price today is $0.172 and have the current supply of 756,192,535 ENJ. The market cap value is $130,224,673, and the volume is marked as $1,925,510.

Enjin Coin Price Prediction: ENJ Coin to go up to $0.172! September 2018 Forecaast
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