Electroneum Price Prediction February 2019: ETN Price May Touch $0.0355?

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Electroneum is mobile crypto which has been produced for mass approval and intends to make it happen by making it extra simple for smartphone users to obtain Electroneum. ETN concentrates more on speeding up the microtransactions, like buying mobile games, making payments for apps, and granting money to friends. The Electroneum ICO, which was started on 14th September 2017 has achieved rather averagely the past related to other cryptos. There are a large number of cryptos which have paid their investors much better returns than Electroneum has. But, it has been able to produce interest from investors because of its unique characteristics like mobile mining. Electroneum is coming up with many improvements in 2019 like attaining KYC compliance and wave of alliances. Even more exchanges like Bittrex and Binance may start enlisting ETN. Wallst is smitten by the idea of Electroneum, as they have lately launched Vendor API which expedites the secure transfer and even the developers get to bring their applications efficiently to the market, without faith.

What is Electroneum?

Electroneum is the prime British-developed crypto and represents a massive change of pace in the business. It’s built on its unique blockchain – a blockchain is the underlying technology foundation beneath any crypto and has been created to manage the mobile market. Firstly, it is unbelievably easy to handle and even mines on a mobile app. That means it’s capable of becoming a secure, innovative and reliable way of making instantaneous transactions from your mobile phone – from purchasing mobile games to betting on live sports, to sending money to friends. Electroneum is a parallel digital currency that has been expanded to allow anyone, despite their technical ability, accessible path to crypto. In a few minutes of installing the mobile app, any user can see ETN being joined to their wallet through unique cellular mining activity. Almost all cryptos are “mined” with specialist equipment, but Electroneum can be obtained through the mobile mining experience on the app.

Market Prediction for ETN

As the market is pretty buoyant, predicting the value of any crypto would not be a simple task, that too for the 60th largest cryptocurrency in the world. But the investors are pretty hopeful about this crypto. Let’s have a look at the estimates given by some of the investors or the websites.

#1 JioMobilePhone1500

JioMobilePhone1500 is a crypto predictor website that projects every cryptocurrency’s value. It foretells that ETN price may touch $3 by August 2020.

#2 US Lifted

Based on circumstances such as current performance, technology, and market trends, a website called uslifed.com has made an Electroneum price forecast. According to this ETN price prediction, it foretells Electroneum prices to be approximately $0.812 at the opening of 2020 and $1.10 by December 2020.

#3 CoinLiker

CoinLiker is a website which displays technical analysis and gives long-term price forecasts. It foretells that ETN may reach $2.44 by 2023.

#4 Crypto Ground

Crypto ground divined for one month, six months, one year, and five years. It foretold that Electroneum might reach $0.0065 in a month, $0.0096 in 6 periods, $0.0432 in a year and $0.1913 in 5 years.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2019

Electroneum has a dedicated and trained team working the show. CEO, Richard Ells, has expertise in building strong tech businesses. The current one being Retortal Ltd, which is valued at over $50 million. So far, the company has been quick in developing new characteristics and fixing any issues. They have also kept their investors notified about their goals and how they are going to accomplish them, unlike many other crypto projects. Because of its interest to non-technical users, it has received massive assistance at the grass-root level. People are assuming that Electroneum may be the coin which will lead to mass confirmation of cryptos due to its mobile-friendliness. It is anticipated to reach $0.0355 by the close of 2019, which is not so far. The community and the crypto fans have seen potential in ETN; hence the chance is high.

Electroneum Price Prediction For Five Years

In the next five years, ETN is going to go great elevations and may even go up the ranking list concerning market capitalization. ETN has made active progress because of its uniqueness and technology. By the conclusion of 2023, ETN is assumed to reach $0.10384, which is approximately 10X more than what it is today. ETN has a big community of followers and some expert developers who are working on the latest progress and developments.

Disclaimer: This feature should not be exercised as, and is not designed to provide, investment advice. Coinpriceprediction and its affiliates, employees, and writers give the information about the coin with careful analysis. Please conduct your thorough study before funding in any crypto.

Electroneum Price Prediction February 2019: ETN Price May Touch $0.0355?
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