Dew Price Prediction: DEW Coin to go up to $0.545! September 2018 Forecast

DEW is a decentralized exchange which practices the technology of the Ethereum blockchain to enhance its services and be as open as possible to its users.


DEW stands for Decentralized Exchange of the World. It concentrates on the trading of futures, blockchain assets, and global securities. It is entirely a massive project which blends the best of conventional finance with the innovative methods of money compared with cryptocurrency and blockchain.


DEW it led by CEO Victor Ruzi, Ruzi has over five years’ experience operating on cryptocurrencies. He also has been actively associated with cryptocurrencies for nearly two decades. The CTO of the ecology is Elie Draper, a venture-backed entrepreneur for over 15 years. The DEW token is based upon the ERC20 token pattern. The DEW ecology issues it. The total value of 200 million DEW token is available for anyone who wants to buy them.


DEW works similarly to other cryptocurrency markets, but somewhat different approach when it comes to users’ assets, user’s equity can be traded in DEW ecology in a decentralized and fairway. The value of Equity determined in DEW in the blockchain system. In a sense, according to the official website, “DEW is the Global Securitize Price Center (GSPC).” It has ledges that include registered company, bulk products, and blockchain assets. The shelves pass through DEW GPSC to publish blockchain securities prices (RBS).


If the users are interested in using DEW to buy and sell economic assets, they can do it. Unfortunately for you, DEW is still not fully operational at the moment of this report, so you cannot use it yet. When the company is online, you will be able to create an account using a simple verification of email and identity. You will also need a cryptocurrency wallet (which is obvious). What you can do is to enter the trading platform and see your options there. The user can use DEW from all over the world, except in China because the country has banned this type of company from acting there.



As DEW is a newly emerged coin, it has not reached a high point. But we can expect its surge in this year as its popularity increases day by day. DEW price today is $0.545, and the market cap value stands at $55,823,091. The volume has gone up to $43,150, and the current supply is 103,244,553 DEW. DEW  exchanges, DEW  wallets, DEW  history, where to buy DEW, how to buy, DEW  price prediction, DEW  price chart, DEW  price today.



Dew Price Prediction: DEW Coin to go up to $0.545! September 2018 Forecast
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