Dash Price Prediction: Dash to go up to $988.3475! DASH to USD Forecast 2018

What is Dash (DASH)?

Dash is a fully features, peer to peer, open source and fully decentralized cryptocurrency with multiple unique features like instant transfer and private transfer. On top of Bitcoin’s features set, it currently gives instant transactions, private transactions and operates a self-governing and self-funding model that allows the Dash network to pay individuals and businesses to perform work that adds value to the network.

Dash (DASH): History

Dash was announced by lead programmer Evan Duffield in January 2014 as Xcoin and was rebranded to Darkcoin in February 2014. Later in March 2015, the name changed to Dash, an abbreviation of Digital Cash. Around 2 million Dash coins were mined within the first 2 days of its launch which was attributed to an error in programming. Then the alternative proposals were disapproved by the community, and the coin continued. In 2017, the daily trade volume of Dash became nearly $ 100 million, and the market capitalization is $1.4 billion. 

How Does Dash (DASH)?

Dash is a peer to peer cryptocurrency which enables fund transfer between two dash users. When a sender initiates a transfer, he mentions the receivers wallet address and the amount to be transferred. This information is included in a blockchain and sent to the network. Then it processed by miners and supernodes on the network who approve or disapprove it. If it is approved, the amount of Dash is transferred from the sender’s account to the receiver’s account.

How to Buy Dash (DASH)?

To buy coins, you have to set up a Dash wallet first to store your coins. Enter a password for the wallet so that nobody can open your wallet. Then buy Ethereum by using Coinbase. Then trade it for Dash.

Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2018

DASH can be a profitable investment option. Dash price equal to 565.718 USD at 2018-02-08. If you buy Dash for 100 dollars today, you will get a total of 0.177 DASH. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the price prognosis for 2023-02-02 is 5612.720 US Dollars. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +892.14%. Your current $100 investment may be up to $992.14 in 2022. Dash (DASH) price today is $564.77 and have the current supply of 7,871,527 DASH. The market cap value is $4,445,625,849, and the volume is marked as $81,404,400. Dash price prediction, Dash price forecast, Dash price and news, DASH price forecast, DASH price prediction 2018, What is the price of Dash 2018.

Dash Price Prediction: Dash to go up to $988.3475! DASH to USD Forecast 2018
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