Byteball Bytes Price Prediction: GBYTE Coin to go up to $205.259! September 2018 Forecast

Byteball is a decentralized system that allows tamper-proof storage of arbitrary data, including data that represents a transferrable value such as currencies, property titles, debt, shares, etc.


Byteball (GBYTE) is a peer to peer, anonymous, decentralized smart payment system which utilizes blockchain technology and has its native currency called byte. Byteball can be used as a means to transfer value between users in a transaction, either with Bytes or assets that can be issued on the network or as a decentralized database that allows users to store information within it. Byteball’s currency, Bytes, is used to pay transaction fees in this network.


Blackbytes is the name of one, the first, defined private asset in Byteball. The network was launched on 25 December 2016 when the first coin distribution took place as well. The 10% of the total supply of Byteball were distributed, and the company received over 70,000 BTC during the offer period. In 8 more rounds of selling in 2017 (one in every month), the company sold 48.4% more coins.


The currency and the transaction of Byteball work just like a traditional cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum where users can initiate a payment by mentioning the wallet address of the receiver and the amount to be transferred. Byteball Bytes makes storing arbitrary data transparent, anonymous and secure. It uses a data linking mechanism in which each block of data will have hashes from the neighborhood behind it to make the connection. It uses its own internal currency “bytes” to pay for these transactions but also allows the user to use any money to pay for the goods/ services they purchase. Users also get to choose a trusted witness who is a trusted member of the unit and is the least likely to spend double. There is also a black version of the byte coin that is untraceable and unexchangeable without pairing wallets.


The first step will be to buy some BTC from Coinbase or any other preferred site. Now find an exchange that trades Byteball bytes like Bittrex or Cryptopia and create an account. Then go to the receive/deposit tab on your newly created Bitcoin wallet and note the wallet address. Then send BTC to this wallet and then trade it for GBYTE on the exchange of your choice.


Byteball Bytes
 applies the blockchain concepts for arbitrary data storage and is a nice option to put your money on. The value as of 17-03-2018 is $205.259. You will get 0.487 GBYTEs for every 100$ of your investment. Based our forecasts, we can expect a long-term increase in price with a five-year prognosis placing currency at $2362.000. Today’s price is $205.259. There are only 645,222 GBYTE tokens in supply. The market cap sits at $131,387,857 and the trading volume stands at $389,804.



Byteball Bytes Price Prediction: GBYTE Coin to go up to $205.259! September 2018 Forecast
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